Experience Joy. Experience JOMO.

JOMO is the joy of missing out on the right things:
life-taking things like toxic hustle, comparison, and digital drain to make space for life-giving commitments that bring us peace, meaning, and joy. We are all going to live with technology for the rest of our lives but we get to decide how.


Hi friend, how’s your relationship with your phone going?

I don't know about you, but every time I pick up the phone or open up Twitter, it seems like the world is going the wrong way. But when I put down my phone to play with my kids, go for a walk in the neighbourhood or spend time with friends, I’m reminded of how wonderful and mysterious life really is. That's why I wrote The Joy of Missing Out and founded JOMO: to help make space for more of these moments.

When I began writing my book, digital wellbeing was a fringe idea. People got their backs up when you mentioned the words “phone” and “addiction” in the same sentence. Over the last few years, our understanding of the cost of our digital devices has grown exponentially.

Today, not a day passes without a new study revealing the true costs of our screen obsession: unprecedented global loneliness, unease and mental distress. Why? Because, while data informs us, relationships form us. It turns out we need more than information to make meaning.⠀⠀

A counter-movement to our always-on tech addiction, JOMO is gaining momentum as a conscious choice to disconnect and experience life offline. It’s been thrilling for me to watch this movement grow.

Our mission at JOMO is to empower you to experience the joy of missing out.

You deserve a joy that is uniquely, profoundly and humanly yours.

What we regret most at the end of our lives isn't missed tweets or fancy job titles. It's the deeper things — missed opportunities to love, to explore our curiosities, and to spend our time well. It's time we choose joy over fear. Empowerment over anxiety. JOMO over FOMO.

Let’s go. The good life is right there for the making.

Christina Crook,
JOMO™ Founder



JOMO membership is a way to connect yourself to a new digital well-being practice that will move the dial in your relationship with technology. You get a live contact with actionable tools every single month, and if you become an Analog Member, you’ll get joyful surprises in the mail to enhance your JOMO practice.


JOMO Manifesto

The JOMO movement is built on these values and commitments:  Read the JOMO Manifesto .

The JOMO movement is built on these values and commitments: Read the JOMO Manifesto.

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