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Subject: Slow to Respond


Thanks for getting in touch! I have some opportunities for deep restoration and learning over the past 4 days and will be checking email sporadically- if at all - until Monday, June 23. If you would like to reach me immediately, please feel free to text or call me at ______________.

Interested in learning about upcoming ________________? Check out: ________________________.

I look forward to getting back to you as soon as I can.



Hello You!
Thanks for getting in touch.
I've got my auto-reply settings on, because I am continuing to nurse a brain injury after a dramatic fall on the ice last Valentine's Day.
This means I am resting and loving up my brain as much as possible to ensure a speedy healing.

I'm happy to report that progress has been made and this slower pace has been proving to be wonderfully beneficial as I continue to recover.
Thank you for your ongoing patience and encouragement as my online time continues to be limited and client-focused for the time being. If you are one of my beloved clients, know you are my VIP priority.

If you want in on that client action, you can become one! Check out Radical Creative Sanctuary for all the details.

And if you simply miss my voice and would like a self-love pep talk, please check out my new podcast The Soft Shoulder.

Have you given your brain a big loving hug lately?

Go for it.

May your days be full, of whatever you most desire.


*By the way, vacation settings for your email don't only have to be used
for actual vacations you know. Is there something you need to take a time
out for? Email will be waiting for you when you come back from the spa,
reading a book, or spending time with your lover. Trust me.