neighbourhood map template

Get to know your neighbours by name. Download, print and draw your own map.


Read on to learn more and see a hand-drawn sample by Christina Crook.

Let’s be the ones who build communities; who know each other’s names.

We are the ones who will reach out to our loved ones before we reach for our phones. We are the ones who walk our streets with ears and eyes wide open, seeking to offer a smile, create a moment of conversation, see the need that needs meeting (garbage to pick up, an elderly person struggling to open a door, a lonely neighbour sitting on their front stoop). We are the weavers. With each act of communion, we are weaving a community.

- The JOMO Manifesto

When we first moved to Toronto nearly eight years ago, I came manned with a file folder titled "File of Hope." In it, I had a couple of print outs of places we wanted to explore in the city, the address of my only friend, and a handwritten reminder to focus on accomplishing only one task per day. Slow and steady wins the race. Uprooting and beginning a new life so far away from home was daunting but it was made easier by one profound grace: neighbours. 

Every new neighbour I met got added to a little map I sketched on paper. Vagia and Craig, and their daughters Maya and Zoe. Robert and Susan. One by one, I named the individuals who would help weave together our new life.

I'd like to give you your own neighbour map to help you better know other's by name. Print it off and post it up by your front door so you can add new neighbours with ease.

We recently moved into a smaller home and are introducing ourselves to neighbours again.

Let us be the ones who build communities;
who know each other's names. 

- Christina Crook


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