jomo™ membership



JOMO membership is a way to connect yourself to a new digital well-being practice that will move the dial in your relationship with technology. You get a live contact with actionable tools every single month, and if you become an Analog Member, you’ll get joyful surprises in the mail to enhance your JOMO practice.

You deserve a joy that is uniquely, profoundly, and humanly your own. Let's #experiencejomo together. 🎉

JOMO Digital Membership Benefits:

  • JOMO Monthly member calls.* Introducing a new digital well-being practice each month, from an industry expert, and discussion.

  • Digital Detox. I’ll guide us as a community each month in cleaning out devices and platforms so the only things in our digital path are intentional and joyful.

  • A real welcome package in the mail including the JOMO Manifesto letter print - suitable for standing at your desk, or anywhere else you want to show off your allegiance to the joyful life.

  • Immediate members-only access to JOMOcast bonus material, including all the interviews, resources and behind-the-scenes convos.

    *All calls are recorded

JOMO Analog Membership Benefits:

All digital membership benefits, plus...

  • Welcome package, including:

    • a signed copy of The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World. Already own a copy? I’ll sign it to whoever you like- pass it on!

    • a JOMO Values Deck in a carry pouch with a PDF user’s guide

    • the JOMO Manifesto letter print, suitable for framing

    • An embossed JOMO woodblock stand for your monthly mantra card

    • An $80 value!

  • A monthly envelope from me with this month’s JOMO mantra card (one side with a quote to set your focus, one side for intention-setting) and a small monthly surprise - it’s fun to get real mail! 🎉

JOMO Analog Starter Kit