Hi friend, How's your relationship with your phone going?

I don't know about you, but every time I pick up the phone or open up Twitter, it seems like the world is going the wrong way. But when I put down my phone to play with my kids, go for a walk in the neighbourhood or spend time with friends, I’m reminded of how wonderful and mysterious life really is. That's why I founded Daily JOMO: to help make space for more of these moments.

Do you crave inspired living more than push notifications and pixels? Then Daily JOMO is for you.


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What People are Saying about JOMO:


"I am loving Daily JOMO!"

"It's my favourite message. I look forward to it all day." 

"I did the JOMO Quest and talked to my dear friend who now lives in Atlanta. We discovered how parallel some things in our lives are at the moment. And she can listen to me and I can listen to her while we talk over each other but it works and neither of us tries to solve the others problems... we just kvetch. (I'm not Jewish. It's just such a perfect word). Anyway. Lovely long and therapeutic talk. ❤"

"I might not always be able to do the quests but I'm always thinking about them." 




Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'll receive a JOMO Quest: Think awesome thing to do that’ll only take a few minutes and make your whole self sing. // JOMO KNOW: a fact you simply won’t believe you lived without knowing. // JOMO QUOTE: filled with wisdom from walking bundles of embodied joy (aka, smartypants folks who know how to live in the now.) 




Do we see the irony of offering an online solution to an online problem? Yes, yes we do. But the answer is not sticking our heads in the proverbial analog sand. It's about using the web with intention and grace. And we plan to help you rock that.