If you’ve ever thought:
“I want to divorce tech” this 5-week course is for you.

Photo: Alex Shaw

Photo: Alex Shaw

This program was created for bleary-eyed busy people who crave inspired living more than push notifications and pixels. You have 365 days this year. Imagine spending four of them surrounded by thoughtful people set on making their days count too. Imagine conversations and clarity. Imagine tools for real-life scenarios that will go to work for you immediately. You get to choose who wins this year: you or your devices.  


EXPERIENCE JOMO re-opens for registration now, and the 5-week course begins on October 1st.

Week 1 / Preparation and Personal Assessment
Format: Offline (You will receive your JOMO Digital Well-Being Package in the mail; shipped within one week of enrollment)

+ Pre-reading: The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World
+ Personal Digital Well-being Assessment

Week 2 / Digital Mindfulness 101
Format: First Group Zoom Call

+ Opening Introductions
+ Why digital mindfulness? Mindfulness is the opposite of distraction. Understanding the personal and professional costs of your digital devices
+ Who are you doing this for? How do smartphones and constant connectivity impact you and the people you love?
+ Setting you up for success. Alternatives to digital immersion.

Week 3 / Attention Restoration
Format: Second Group Zoom Call, Offline Homework + personal check-in from Christina

+ Attention Restoration
+ Tap into your Five Senses (+ including 1 hour personal outdoor exploration this week)
+ Understanding Sympathetic (fight or flight) and Parasympathetic (rest and recovery) States

Week 4 / Time Well Spent
Format: Third Group Zoom Call, Offline Homework

+ Identifying and Articulating your Personal Values and Sources of Joy (includes: values exercise with deck provided)
+ Aligning Your Values with Time Spent Online

Week 5 / Beating FOMO
Format: Final Group Zoom Call

+ The Elements of Joy: Well-being and Success on Your Own Terms
+ Social Media and Emotional Health
+ Self Compassion and Sympathetic Joy: Antidotes to Social Media Envy and Comparison

Week 6 / 45-minute Personal Follow-Up Call with Christina
Format: Zoom Call


How Much Will it Cost?

Way, way too much. The price of living as a servant to our digital devices is astronomical. We all pay with something: our time, attention, energy, relationships, sleep, mental health, happiness, and more. It's time to take back the investment and bank on something better: your values, your goals, your joy.

Oh! Do you mean the course? It's a steal.

Your investment: $749 CAD

EXPERIENCE JOMO re-opens for registration now, and the 5-week course begins on October 1st.


Ongoing digital well-being coaching available by request.

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