Experience JOMO is a thoughtful half-day workshop 

for bleary-eyed busy people who crave inspired living more than push notifications and pixels. You have 365 days this year. Imagine spending one of them in a room surrounded by thoughtful people set on making their days count too. Imagine conversations and clarity. Imagine tools for real-life scenarios that will go to work for you immediately.

You get to choose who wins this year: you or your devices.  


Our phones are our constant companions and, while they promise to solve problems and make our lives easier, their time-saving solutions come at a cost: our attention. At JOMO, we help you reclaim your time and attention so you can thrive in a wired world. 

We do that in three ways:

Education: understanding the personal and professional costs of your digital devices

Self-Discovery: identifying and articulating personal values and sources of joy

Empowerment: providing tools to practice value-centred living, online and off

Ultimately helping you find meaning and joy in an overwhelmed world.

What we regret most at the end of our lives isn't missed tweets or fancy job titles. It's the deeper stuff — missed opportunities to love, to explore our curiosities, and to spend our time well. It's time we choose joy over fear. Empowerment over anxiety. #JOMO over #FOMO.




"I'm tired of trying to keep it all together. My team needs me. My spouse needs me. My kids need me. I feel like I am already living with a wall of regret."

"I'm exhausted. I'm on 24/7. I feel like I can't turn off because if I do my career will slow down and my boss will think I'm a lazy sloth and I will miss my dentist appointment and I'll never get my side hustle off the ground and I won't know about my friend's new puppy and..."

"I come home from work feeling numb. The only thing I have energy for is scrolling and Netflix. And more Netflix. And more Instagram. And more Facebook. At the same time. I've been on social long enough to know it's a waste of time but I. CAN. NOT. STOP. I don't know what else to do."




The average person spends over two hours a day on social media. That's 5.5 years over a lifetime. If we cut that by even 40%, you'd be getting back two years of your life.

We think it's time you reclaim that time, don't you?



  • Redefine "keeping it together"

  • Identify your personal values 

  • Identify what's life-giving versus life-draining

  • Discover the margin you didn't know you had

  • Design a sustainable actionable solution

  • Give you practical tools to move beyond good intentions


  • Identify your blindspots

  • Rewire your habits

  • Kick regrets to the curb

  • Rediscover what brings you joy

  • Enter fully into rest

  • Move from surviving to thriving





"The session was flawlessly executed. It received much positive feedback from attendees--so much so that I had colleagues anecdotally bringing up points from the session in conversations months later."

- Madison, Strategist + DRIVE Founder @ Cosette Toronto

"Experience JOMO helped me take an honest look and my habits. It motivated me to immediately action valuable checks and balances to ensure my digital time wasn't getting in the way of my goals. On month later, I continue to feel more plugged into my life and less into the web."

- Melissa, Senior Business Partner @ Experience Point

"It has been a wonderful week unplugging from my phone and spending more time being present with those around me. With a few simple changes, I felt more relaxed and picking up my phone was less urgent. I learned so much about my habits and gained valuable tools in this thought-provoking workshop."

Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Walrus Talks speaker + writer


Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.48.12 AM.png


Christina and Elissa harness the internet to live juicy lives. Need proof? They met on Twitter. Now a team, they're pooling their passion for time well spent.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.06.03 PM.png

In short, Elissa Joy Watts is a globe-trotting people person set on making every moment count. Connecting with genuine human beings ignites her spirit; partnering with people and empowering them to flourish satisfies her to no end.

She's taken Strengthsfinders twice - once before motherhood, once after. Initially, her top five strengths were Empathy, Connectedness, Positivity, Developer, and Relator.

The second time around, Strategy kicked Empathy from the top of the charts. Apparently motherhood is strategy boot camp. The best defence is a good offence.

Professionally, Elissa has a long history with lululemon athletica. She played with the English language as the company's first official Storyteller and Copywriter before stepping out to raise her family across the pond. Her personal writing lives here.

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Christina Crook
's award-winning book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, has made her leading voice on technology and human flourishing. Through her writing and speaking she reveals how key shifts in our thinking can enable us to draw closer to one another, taking up the good burdens of local work and responsibilities.

She communicates the value of focus, making space to create, and the meaning we find in more limited connections. She challenges the Western values of power, control, and success, revealing how wonder, trust, and discipline are central to the experience of being human and the keys to our joy. Her commentary on technology and our daily lives appears regularly in the media including the New York Times, Psychology Today, Women's Health, NPR, CBC, Time of India and Glamor Brasil. She speaks regularly at conferences, corporations and universities across North America.

Most importantly, she is a wife to Michael and mother to Madeleine, Thomas, and Caleb where they live in their run amuck home in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood. That's a story all on its own.

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