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The Wall of Thanks

The JOMO Movement is fuelled by generous humans who believe in the importance of putting people first in a digital age.

The founders below stepped up early and are immortalized on the wall of thanks. Interested in joining them? Become a patron today.

Founding Patrons:

Bill chalmers
aaron reynolds
esther sarlo
saraH king
leah + Dr. nathan lim
Andrea Pennoyer
SarahJOY Gackle
rachel armamentos
Brittany Crook
Rebecca Wigandt
Michelle RUSE Haurilak
Barbara Crook
erin Graham
Mélanie kimmett
marika siewart
Anne Bezbatchenko

Launched October 2018 and growing.



I read the The Joy of Missing Out, a chapter a day, while I ate my dinner. For me, the final quote at the end about fragility and authenticity was most impactful. A chapter over dinner was incredibly rewarding. I felt creative, rewarded, and re-engaged with a part of me that I had ignored.

- Andrew Bacchus, Business Development Officer in Kingston, Canada


I’ve mentioned before and I’ll say it again, your book and your message made me think more than I ever have about how I use technology, the things I’m missing out on, and how I spend time with those I love.

- Joshua Rollins, CEO in Ohio, USA


To me, the joy of missing out means, simply, knowing in your heart what your priorities are and being able to stay true to that no matter what outside forces competing for your attention try to convince you. The reward has been deep, meaningful, fulfilling relationships with friends and loved ones. When people see how much time I enjoy with close friends and family, how full my leisure time is, they assume I've cracked some code or figured out the secret to slacking off- but the truth is, it's who we naturally are as humans, how we function best, and I just choose to listen to it.

- Rebecca Wigandt, Psychotherapist in New York, USA