words like these keep us hard at work


“The session was flawlessly executed. It received much positive feedback from attendees--so much so that I had colleagues anecdotally bringing up points from the session in conversations months later." - Madison @ COSSETTE

"It has been a wonderful week unplugging from my phone and spending more time with those around me. The changes I made in the workshop made me feel more relaxed. There's no more sense of urgency. I learned so much about my habits in our short time together!" - Jenna, writer + facilitator, Toronto

"THANK YOU. My battery percentage so alarmed me. I'm so happy to have that be a catalyst for change, just as I'm grateful for you both and the workshop. So many moments of, "Ohhhh..." I believe Oprah calls that "A-ha" moments. I love the work you are doing!" - Krissi, mother + teacher, Toronto

“A little prompt was all the push I needed to feel motivated to take a few moments to intentionally reconnect with the things that are most important. Thank you.”

"Experience JOMO helped me take an honest look and my habits. It motivated me to immediately action valuable checks and balances to ensure my digital time wasn't getting in the way of my goals. On month later, I continue to feel more plugged into my life and less into the web." - Melissa, mother of a busy toddler + Senior Business Partner @ Experience Point




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